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Water is fundamental for life and pure water is vital for healthy life. Today People are more aware of the hazards of drinking impure water. The majority of intestinal disorders and infections are caused by water borne micro organisms. People in small areas have also become also thoughtful of waterborne diseases and the demand for effective water purifiers are growing rapidly. Consumers are looking for reliable purification options not only in the metros but also in towns all over India.

U.S.A Technology. presents an advanced and reliable water purification system – a solution for all water impurities, security systems CC TV cameras & DVR system. We also provide you various spare parts and accessories like  Membrane, RO pump, RO cabinet, S.V (solenoid valve), Inlines filter, C.T.O, spun, Tap, Float valve, Gate Valve, Adapter, S.M.P.S, U.V. LAMP, Barrels, T.D.S adjuster, L.P.S, H.P.S, vessels, Ragin, Carbon MNO2 etc, for all your water purification and water supply problems. U.S.A Technology. Water Purifiers give you protection against water borne intestinal disorders and infections like diarrhea, amoebic dysentery, cholera, typhoid, jaundice and other ailments. Our purifiers eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens which can cause persistent gastrointestinal upsets and provide safe drinking water.